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Bare bottom in public

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They were clearly in their own world and had no idea what was about to happen. Dd fake boobs. Of course there are many more attractive pokemon trainers in more recent versions. Bare bottom in public. I understood, it was still too tender to rub. We reminisced about the day my mother had paddled my bottom hard. Xvideo black bbw. Then, I would do my job because I loved her and I needed her to know that her behavior wasn't okay.

She wondered if the boys would still be there Unfortuantley, in this day and age, more ppl believe that it is their right to step in if they feel a parent is acting wrong. So I wanted to share other un lucky girls like me receiving their public spankings. I beleive you must only treaten a punishment if you ARE going to follow through.

The guys looked her up and down, smirking while they did it, and Becky fumed inside, even as she focused on keeping herself calm. The first guy let go of her and stepped away and the second held her at at good length, as surrounded by laughing faces, Becky peed herself. Mostly she tried not to cry. I told both girls to count them aloud.

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Models Nearby LatinaBB Welcome to my room and go private show with me I have best boobs. Jessica bowman naked. Her thighs twitched and she could feel some warmness returning. I have 3 kids and never once had to spank one in public,nor have any of them ever thrown a tantrum and embarrased me in public.

She looked around again and thought of everyone gathering around and looking at her. Wrenching her back as she tried to reach it all, she suddenly felt a solid slap across her bare butt. Bare bottom in public. Making my worst fears come true, one boy and two girls from my class were there too. We teach our children at a young age that with action comes consqences or rewards. The best place to show of your bare behind is where lots can see — how else could you show it off — a nice round bared bottom outside:. Sex robot videos. May 13, Messages: Do you spank in public?

November 16, at 6: If I got one at school when I got home I was expected to bring the paddle to daddy. But, in case I wrong I decided to add a little insurance. Comments and Discussions You are welcome to comment on, discuss, or provide feedback to the author by starting or joining a discussion below.

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Support and Help FAQ Contact Support Feedback Forum Sitemap. A part of her shuddered in humiliation and another part longed for their touch-- which only deepened her humiliation. A good cure for shyness is to wear a pair of underwear on your head in public for two weeks, after that you can go barefoot anywhere and not give a hoot what people think.

I personally am not a fan of spanking but I realize that many people do it, but I would think doing it in public would be humiliating for the child. Bare Lee likes this. Login or sign up. Bare bottom in public. Police said as long as there are no bad bruises it is very legal. I have a Masters degree and work everyday in a high paying job.

As Emily stood up slowly with her pants and underpants down to her ankles, she held her hands over her very sore bottom. Nude emo pictures. Her skin felt on fire and she felt as if she should be bright red now all over her body. I explain to them that all grownups have to follow rules too, if not we go to jail, so I am teaching them to live by rules now so they don't grow up thinking they can just do as they please with no consquences!

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